EUROFINS EVIC - Background

EUROFINS EVIC is located in the centre of Barcelona. It was created in December 1999 in order to cater for the increasing need of the Cosmetic and Parapharmaceutical Industry of having a centre in Spain able to satisfy its needs in terms of

clinical assessment of cosmetic products. That is how EUROFINS EVIC was born and became the first centre in Spain

dedicated to the tolerance and efficacy assessment of products of the cosmetic and parapharmaceutical sector. With

more than 30 years of experience worldwide, we are a constantly growing centre.

EUROFINS EVIC is part of the EVIC International group, in which other

companies very competent in this field have been included, in order to

give the adequate response to the technical and strategic needs of

the Cosmetic Industry.

EVIC Internacional group has a long experience in the assessment of

cosmeticand parapharmaceutical products field, which has made it become

one of the leaders of this sector in the world.




Nowadays, Evic group can be found all over the world through the following delegations:



  • Evic France Evic France
    48,Rue Jean Duvert
    33290 Blanquefort(Francia)
  • Evic Italia Evic Italia
    Lungotevere Arnaldo
    da Brescia, 11
    00196 Roma (Italia)
  • Evic Brasil Evic Brasil
    Scientia Laboratórios Ltda
    Rua Leonardo Cavalcanti, 314
    Jundiaí - Centro
    São Paulo - Brasil
  • Evic Romania Evic Romania
    Bio High tech SRL

    15, Constantin Bosianu Street
    040505 Bucharest (Rumanía)
  • Evic China Evic China
    Office 607
    The National Drama Building
    8-2 Don Dan San Tiao
    100005 Beijing (China)

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